Current Shows


*On Demand Anytime*

Mission Control
Sun: 6pm-7pm (New)
Mon: 7am-8am
Tues: 3am-4am
Wed: 9am-10am
Fri: 9pm-10pm
Sat: 1am-2am

Nick's Picks
Tues: 6pm-8pm (Live)
Wed: Noon- 2pm
Fri: Midnight- 2am, 6pm-8pm
Sun: Noon-2pm

Spinnin with the Doc
Wed: 10pm-11pm (Live)
Thurs: 2am-3am
Sun: 2pm-3pm
Mon: Noon-1pm
Tues: 10am-11am

THURS: 7pm-8pm (NEW)
sat: noon-1pm
sun: 5pm-6pm
tues: 4pm-5pm
wed: 8pm-9pm

Expatriate Radio
Fri: 8pm-9pm (New)
Sat: 6pm-7pm
Mon: 5pm-6pm
Wed: Midnight- 1am, 4pm-5pm


PTK Late Nite
Fri: 10pm- Midnite (Live)
Sat: 5am-7am, 7pm-9pm
Sun: 6am-8am
Mon: Midnite-2am, 10am-Noon, 
Wed: 10am-Noon

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