Crystal Castles Have Decided To Call It Quits

Well, it brings me great displeasure to inform you (if you haven't heard already) that Crystal Castles have decided to throw in the towel. Alice Glass broke the news to fans across the globe yesterday, via a series of tweets:

Crystal Castles have left us with 3 albums (I, II, III) over the course of the last 10 years and no doubt with some great memories attached to each one of them for every one of their fans.

I remember when I found out about them back in 2005. I was walking back to my car after a night spent causing a ruckus at one of the indie bars in my hometown and I found a mix CD left on my car. So of course, I put it in when I got in my car and among the many great artists I was exposed to from that mix, was Crystal Castles. This is the song by them that was on that CD.

I had definitely never heard anything like this before but something about it drew me in and ever since that night I've been following and loving everything the duo put out. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see them live.

Who knows, maybe the opportunity will present itself in the future in the form of a surprise reunion show or a festival appearance. Even if not, we still have each of their solo endeavors to follow and keep up with I guess. It'll be exciting to watch where they wander off to next.

Here's an interview they did with NME back in 2008 followed by some more Crystal Castles music for you to remember them by. 

Grimes Reveals Preview of Music Video For "Go"

So as you may know by now, (and if you don't know, now you know...), Grimes put a new song out this summer called "Go". She collaborated with Blood Diamonds on it, and apparently it was actually written for Rihanna originally. 

Well, earlier today she released a preview of the music video she is working on for the song with director Claire Boucher and her brother, Mac Boucher. Keep in mind this is merely a PREVIEW and from the looks of it, this video is going to be something special. Watch the clip she released today, below.

Feel free to "pop out" the player above to continue listening to Radio Free Pensacola uninterrupted while you browse.