Gabe Judd Wentz

Sons of Hippies, Chappo, StarDeath and White Dwarfs

If you were not at The Handlebar last night, you probably missed one of the funnest shows we have been to in awhile. The Lost Sandal's Cliff Judd and Corey Smith of Live from Little Smittys and Little Smitty in the Morning were there to take it all in. Katherine Kelly and Sons of Hippies absolutely shredded in the first 45 minutes of the night. We will definitely be adding their music to our future playlists. Chappo pretty much blew away everybody with their infectious energetic dance rhythms and the night was capped of by a terrific performance by crowd favorites Stardeath and White Dwarfs. Photos by Cliff Judd and Gabe Judd-Wentz

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