Crystal Castles Carry On Without Alice Glass

There's been a lot of talk lately about Crystal Castles regarding Alice Glass leaving the duo, her statements regarding the reasoning behind her leavingEthan Kath (the duo's other half) responding to Glass' statements, and Glass responding to Kath responding to Glass. 

In case you don't actually feel like reading through the reporting done by Pitchfork (shouts out), here's the gist. Alice felt creatively suffocated so she left to go start her own thing. She expressed her sentiments and reasoning for doing so in an interview and then her and Ethan got into a passive aggressive argument about what was meant by what was said by both parties. 

So, fast-forward to right now and we have a new song from Crystal Castles (just Ethan, no Alice). Here's that song. 

Ethan says the song was released to let the fans know that he will carry on the name and more music is in the near future. Further, he recently did an interview with Pitchfork addressing the back-and-forth between himself and former bandmate Alice, stating that he truly does "want her to do well and be happy" and that he is excited for her new music as a solo artist. 

In the aforementioned interview Glass did with i-D, she said her new music will sound "like a kitten eating their hoarding owners after they die." So there's that. Unfortunately, no music has been released, or even teased (outside of these descriptors), yet.

Regarding the female vocalist featured on the new Crystal Castles track, "Frail", all Kath will reveal is her first name. It's Edith. 

We'll do our best to stay on top of any new developments with Crystal Castles or Glass' solo project but you can follow Crystal Castles and Alice Glass on Twitter if you wanna try and beat us to the chase. Their Twitter handles are @CRYSTALCASTLESS and @ALICEGLASS. Ethan has a personal one too, but doesn't appear to ever make any posts. You can follow him anyway if you want. His handle is @ETHANKATH. 

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