Canaan Lamp Spotlights Speedy Ortiz

Sadie Dupuis was teaching songwriting at a summer camp when she decided to form Speedy Ortiz in 2011, originally as just a solo project. From recording songs on her laptop (leading to two EP's) and when going away to college, she recruited a full band, with herself on guitar and vocals, Matt Robidoux on guitars, Darl Ferm on bass and Mike Falcone on drums.


The band earned a reputation as one of Massachusetts' best underground bands, leading to their debut single "Taylor Swift", released independently. Following that success, the band released an EP titled Sports on Exploding in Sound Records, and then their debut full length LP, Major Arcana, on Carpark Records in July of 2013.


I really dig this band's sound. They have a certain Pixies-esque quality to them in their song composition but also aren't afraid to get rough and develop a lo-fi tone. The band's full length was awarded "Best New Music" by Pitchfork and given the chance to sit down and listen to it in it's entirety is a treat. This band is a real up and comer and I would love to see them hit Pensacola soon. I heard they have played Tallahassee recently, hopefully they will pencil in the Gulf Coast on their world takeover soon!


Speedy Ortiz puts out new music all the time, which you can find at their Bandcamp page. How far the band has come in such a short period of time, is amazing. They certainty aren't just sitting in clubs in Boston anymore. They recently put out a new EP entitled, Real Hair. Speedy Ortiz music can be purchased on Bandcamp


Check out their performance of Tiger Tank at this years Pitchfork Festival in Chicago.

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