I've only seen Tomahawk once and it was with Tool at the Pensacola Civic Center. The audio team made their sound so thin and amazingly awful that I was really afraid the entire show was going to blow, but nope, it was just for them as the rest of the show sounded like somebody was actually sitting behind the board. It's too bad too, because it may have had a lot to do with why seemingly the entire crowd immediately turned against them and audible boos were heard in between songs. I really couldn't believe these people were booing a Mike Patton project of any sort unless they didn't realize it was him. Certainly a majority of that crowd liked the song Epic at least, right? Maybe it was just a handful of us that were excited about being able to see Tomahawk right in our own hometown that our excitement was simply muted by the opener haters that simply wanted to see Maynard stand completely still to the side of the drum kit as he likes to do. I mean, he was really statuesque at this show, nary an arm moved and I'm only guessing his lips were moving simply because I heard vocals, but you never know, and I digress.

Last time I saw Tomahawk, they looked pretty cool, but I don't remember them looking like this:


i eat dirt.

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