Silo @ Sluggos, Pensacola

It was a homecoming for Renee Arozqueta who along with fellow songstress Jennifer Jeffers, make up the duo Silo, when they performed Friday night at Sluggos in Pensacola. The show was an introduction of the new Silo material with Renee and Jen, and then they were later joined by Patrick Hutchinson for another episode of the Bobe Street Reunion. To finish the night off, Company of Ghosts, Pensacola’s favorite jug band, jammed through some of the best folk, bluegrass, jug band music I have ever heard.

If you have never listened to Renee Arozqueta’s music, you are clearly missing out on a great musical talent. I was first introduced to Renee’s music through her 2010 solo release “Tennessee”. I have since been completely under her spell. And when she is joined by Jen in the two piece Silo, it is an amazing harmonious match. The song “Mae” is a track that truly displays the duo’s abilities at harmonizing and capturing that traditional sound.

Robbie Leggett will be interviewing the duo on his live radio show at New York Nicks tonight at 8. Hopefully we will hear them play a track or two, so please join them! 

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